Carme Xicola and her husband Jaime are great lovers of the travel in motorhome

The Catalan couple was finishing a 39-day trip through the imperial cities of Morocco (Fez, Meknes, Casablanca, Rabat, Marrakech.) With a group of motorhomes (organized by the Buena Ruta agency they manage) when the country closed its borders due to the coronavirus pandemic. Jaime and Carme decided to stay in the Alawite country, while the rest of the expedition opted to return home. They went to the south of Morocco, specifically to the Erg Chebby desert area, as they always do when finishing a route and where await travellers the next

When we asked him why this decision occurred, he tells us that “the desert’s isolation and high temperatures greatly influenced it, where we have between 24 and 28º these days,” he says.

He continues to tell us that they are lucky to have many good friends in the country. “Ali Anaam (Ali the Lame) from the Atlas du Sables hostel, immediately contacted us, offering us his house and facilities to spend as much time as possible in them.”

And so they set out for the desert, which they had never seen so empty and silent as now. They installed their motorhome in the solitary parking lot of the hostel, in front of the great and golden dune, and all its sand plain. “The day after we arrived, with very few patients in the country and two who died from COVID-19,” continues Carme, “the Moroccan government declared a state of alarm, so the country was paralyzed, and they can only circulate. vehicles that have a police pass. “

Since then, they remain in their motorhome, between the adobe walls of the hostel. Luckily in this area there is no contagion, but we respect the imposed measures of confinement, “continues Xicola.

Neither they leave the hostel nor the residents of the area leave their houses (in the hostel there are four people, of whom one goes out to buy and each cooks one, so they eat Spanish food one day and the next day, Moroccan) . Carme and Jaime spend the days and hours reading, talking to family and friends, and preparing new routes in a motorhome when all this is finally over, let’s get back to normal and they can continue enjoying the trips with the friends of Buena Ruta.

In the meantime, they want to send a message to all the motorhomes: «Stay home, it is how we can best help to combat this virus. We also stay in the motorhome, and we invite you to, when all this happens, get to know this beautiful place »